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Reviews for Leanne Dada, DO


Very thorough,and very kind her staff is also very kind and thorough. Seems genuinely concerned with her patients. Hope to have her as my rheumatologist for a long time.

   — Rita Vaughn


I have never been to a doctor that cares so much about her patients. Everyone was so pleasant. Dr. Dada took the time to listen to my concerns. She also explained things to me that no other doctor has ever told me about my RA.

   — Cindy Anderson


Very good Rheumatologist 💯

   — Bertha Clark Frazier (Bertha Clark)


Doctor Dada is such a friendly and comprehensive person, I am blessed to have her treat me

   — Carmen Vega


Overall not a horrible experience but not the best either. A test was ordered but not collected and so I had to get it redrawn. But before all the tests come back a diagnosis gets made. Also I barely got time with dr dada I had the resident which I know they need to learn. I felt just kind of brushed off

   — Kelly Young


She is so good to my mom. She is very detailed, takes the time out to exam you correctly and explains everything to you and that is appreciated.

   — Lakaedron Mccain


Dr Dada is very concerned about her patiences as people other than just patients. She is very through and kind.

   — Terry Horton


Dr. Dada is always friendly. She asks questions about how you have been doing in between visits, she uses those comments as she checks your symptoms. She is always to answer any questions that you may have.

   — Tracy Martin


Friendly staff. Short wait time. Dr. DaDa was very attentive and I felt she truly wanted to help me.

   — Julie Watson


The doctor I have ever seen. She goes above and beyond. The most intelligent doctor I have seen in Tyler. I highly recommend Dr. Dada to all my family and friends.

   — Veronica Sanchez


I'm very pleased with my visit with Dr. Dada. She listened to my concerns, answered my questions, did not rush, and her expertise provided better solutions for my issues than I was getting with my gp. And she's just such a nice person. I would definitely recommend her.

   — Laura Gott


Dr. Dada is a great doctor. I have a lot of health concerns and she never makes me feel rushed. She sits and talks with me and asks a lot of questions and more importantly, she listens. I have been seeing her for almost a year and would highly recommend her. She also has a good nurse who always remembers me, even though they see many patients.

   — Michele Bailey


She was awesome. Took time with me. She explained in detail everything that was wrong and needed to do.

   — Roxanne


I have had many doctors this past 10 years for my autoimmune issues. I have never felt seen or heard until Dr. Dada. She is a physician who truly cares about her patients as individuals. Her staff is also professional and kind. I highly recommend her.

   — Lisa Harper


Dr. Dada is a very pleasant, very professional and very knowledgeable rheumatologist. She also listens and cares about your concerns. I highly recommend her!!

   — Antoinette


It was nice to have a visit with her by phone since I had been recouping from foot surgery. Made it so easy to keep my appointment.

   — Myra Harris


Very friendly, took time to ask and answer questions.

   — Debbie Bryan


Dr. Dada and her staff give EXCELLENT patient care. Dr. Dada gives you the opportunity to say and describe what is bothering you; she listens to her patients. She is interested in the whole person. I was pleasantly surprised when I was presented with a birthday card signed by the doctor and nurses. These ladies make me feel loved while helping me manage a chronic health issue.

   — Yvonne Smith-Dorsey


Amazing. Dr. Dada is an amazing doctor. She is very professional and thorough. I was having severe pain in my hip and I thought it was arthritis. Dr. Dada evaluated my medical history and performed additional tests, that lead to a different diagnosed for my condition. She sent me to orthopedic specialist that is also excellent. Also, Dr. Dada as the most caring and professional nurses. Thank you Dr. Dada and RN Shanacia for all of your help. You both made me feel at ease and comfortable.

   — Karen Brown


Dr Dada was very pleasant and seemed to be very knowledgeable about things. She addressed all my concerns and stayed if I had any questions. She actually sat in the room and made sure I was ok with all my concerns. Not like a lot of drs who ask if you have any questions as they are out the door..

   — Lauren Curry


I absolutely love Dr Dada…I love the fact that she listens to my concerns and not talk over me. When a particular med isn’t working, she makes sure that I am on what’s best to treat my pain.

   — La Sonya Johnson


my family doctor sent me to dr. dada for a recurring eye infection and took a blood sample i don't recall the date ( ya'll should have it ) after , i asked about left calf which was black and blue and the skin is real tight , she said that she would recommend another doctor and have them call . a week later i called back and left a message asking to call me back. i have did this 3 time and last week i finally called my family doctor (dr. garrido ) a left a message the nurse called me back , i told her the situation , she went to the records or notes of dr. dada , and gave the name of the doctor that she was going to refer my too. my whole point of this u.t. health needs to improve on their communication. w.w.

   — Wayne Whitworth


Dr. Dada is very knowledge in her field of practice as well of having knowledge in aspects of the medical fields. She listens to my concerns and gives her answer carefully and in a manner that is easy to understand.

   — Tracy Martin


Dr.Dada is the most knowledgeable rheumatologist I have ever been in contact with. As a RN that graduated with my BSN in 1978 I have never met a such kind and caring doctor.

   — RN Who Has Seen Many Rhematologt


I felt like she brushed me off before asking any relevant questions. If I don’t have rheumatoid arthritis, and I do display symptoms of osteoarthritis, wouldn’t it make sense a caring doctor would provide some kind of treatment information to me instead of just telling me to seek help from my gp? Pain is pain, and just because I’m almost 64 and female doesn’t mean because you see no gnarly joints and extreme swelling, you make a decision nothing is wrong…once more, a lot of pain and great rashes should be nothing I ignore. Just a little compassion and a tiny bit of advice would have been welcome.

   — Tracey


I haven't known Dr Leanne Dada very long,even so i have visited with her 3-4 times as a patient,so i can honestly tell you all from my experience only.That she is a fair manageable Rheumatologist also intelligent young women,so whatever she can't figure about most chronicallyill individuals,her methods or teamworkers will help her understand as they all grow together.

   — Crockett


What I like about Dr Dada that she doesn't pump you full of pills. It's more of a natural rehabilitation to help build your body back up. Like physical therapy and tri-shot for fibromyalgia. Please forgive me because I can't remember the proper terminology for the shot that I receive. She also listens to you and try to help you get down to the source of your pain and y'all come up together with a strategy that best fit your life. Thank you Dr Dada

   — LaTasha Williams


Dr Dada and staff, especially Maci, are excellent! Dr Dada has been instrumental in getting me on a pathway to healing with procedures and medications that have helped me with mobility and overall general health. I am very grateful for having her and Maci on my health care team!

   — Glen Gabbard


Like her very well. The only issue I have had, and I did inform her at last visit, is getting messages to her or her nurse. I left three messages with whomever answers to have her nurse call me back regarding test results Dr. DaDa was waiting for from another practitioner. Dr said she never received my messages.

   — Randy


I am new to the area and needed to establish with a rheumatologist. Dr Dada is kind, attentive and explains each aspect of symptoms and treatment option with great care. Highly recommend

   — Janet T

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