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Reviews for J. Leonard DeCarlo, MD


Dr. DeCarlo took absolutely amazing care of my elderly father. Not only is he an amazing physician and surgeon but a compassionate human being.

   — Elizabeth Stricklin


Dr. Joseph Decarlo MD and his staff are kind, thoughtful, well organized and thorough in their care and interactions with patients. I highly recommend this provider

   — Richard Davis


Well prepared --- Knew my case very well

   — Jim Tarter


The office staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Decarlo takes his time with you and explains everything in language that you can understand.

   — Johnnie Keeling


Dude is looking out for my ‘junk’

   — Mark Kempf


My trip to see Dr. Decarlo and I am pleased to say I was impressed. Great staff and Dr. Decarlo spent time asking questions and just having time to talk. I will be going back and do recommend his his services.

   — Eddie Childress


Caring and knowledgeable physcian. Staff was friendly and courteous. Appointment was not rushed and he took the time to listen to my concerns and explained options and information well.

   — Rebecca Glass


Very thorough and doesn't do anything unnecessary

   — Tarvares Moore


Excellent practice and friendly staff . Dr DeCarlo is extremely informative and never rushes your visit. Top shelf professionalism meeting all of your needs you will be glad you picked this doctor.

   — Mr Mark


My husband and I both saw Dr. Decarlo. What a delight to actually find a urologist who is compassionate, friendly, professional and takes time to explain methods, procedures and such. He presented a caring demeanor. Finally able to get a doc that actually might help me and cares about the patient

   — Blue Bird


My visit was on time, I was in and out of the office in record time. Thank You!!

   — Mike


Dr. DeCarlo has treated my wife, my mom, my brother-in-law, and always exceeds expectations as to care and treatment. Treated with our family cancer x2, bladder surgery, incontinence and various conditions. Always trust his plan of care. He is very supportive and caring.

   — Jim Anderson


Dr. Joseph DeCarlo was a very caring and informative doctor who explained everything wonderfully! I found him to be very caring and compassionate and will definitely see him again! I would highly recommend him!

   — LindaKH


Dr. DeCarlo is a great, caring physician. The staff in the clinic is knowledgeable and courteous. HOWEVER, trying to make an appointment on the phone is almost impossible. I was on the phone for 5 minutes before a response from the clinic.The phone answering and transfer of call is (to me) chaotic as best. UT is providing a service for which I pay and they should have a more efficient answering service.

   — Raymond Smith


Excellent Doctor. Provides options, and shares in decision-making.

   — Ray Mathis


Dr. DeCarlo takes the time to explain the issues, the options and together, decide the path forward. Sits down with you to talk through the issues, and doesn't rush through the visit (nor does he have a computer in the room!!)

   — Ray


Dr. Decarlo always makes an uncomfortable visit less so. He is thorough and informative and I always feel like I couldn’t have gotten a more knowledgeable and caring physician.

   — David M.


Dr. DeCarlo is a wonderful doctor. He cares about his patients and takes the time to listen and answer my questions. He came to be my Dr thru the ER. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks. He saved my life and has taken care of me ever since. I would highly recommend him.

   — Wendy Stahl


Dr. DeCarlo is always so professional, prompt, thorough, kind and easy to understand. He is a quality physician and also a person of the highest character. I am so glad that my primary care physician sent me to Dr. DeCarlo. He has been my urologist now for four years. I could not be more pleased with his care.

   — Jerry


Doc. Decarlo, es usted el mejor 👏

   — Rayo ALvarado


Appointment was on time. Dr. DeCarlo was very thorough and was helpful by giving an option to surgery---wait for a month to see if the stone moves.

   — Ruth Hardy


Great Cust Svc. They saw me at the appointed time. That's a Biggie! All the nurses were professional w a great attitude. Dr DeCarlo was very professional and informative, with a Very good "Bedside" manner. Sooo Important! I highly recommend.

   — Tom Graves


Dr.Decarlo listens and works with you to improve your health. With so many variables in mens health he takes a proactive or conservative approach depending on your condition. The nursing staff made me feel very comfortable.

   — Warren Blesh


Dr. DeCarlo explains my condition and treatment options clearly, he is truly a professional.

   — David E Moore


No problems, got to visit with Dr. regarding my problem.

   — Martha Ann Thomas


Dr Decarlo’s experience and expertise makes him the best urologist I’ve seen. His staff is phenomenal!

   — Matt


Knowledgeable, caring, friendly, listens and provides solutions.

   — James B.


Dr DeCarlo is an excellent doctor. He has removed 2 kidney stone from my husband...very quickly both times. He is an great choice for a urologist should you need one...hopefully not, but a great choice.

   — Barbara Lassahn


You get a sense that this doctor had it together. He had excellent bedside manner and shows a genuine concern for your health and doing the right thing.

   — Chris H


Dr. DeCarlo has been recently seeing me for persistent UTI's, though I have been a patient since the 1990's. At this recent follow-up visit he was very thorough, going over test results and recommendations. He answered all my questions to my satisfaction, and took all the time necessary to do so, yet without wasting either my time or his. He makes excellent eye contact, his manner is relaxed yet professional with dry humor when appropriate. A word about his group practice, they are part of the UT Health System, yet use the Christus patient portal for online patient communication. Additionally, they charge both an office and a facility fee.

   — Karen Mills


Very Prompt and Professionak. Always very polite Staff. Doctor knows His Stuff.

   — Jerry Taylor


Very professional and good sence of humor

   — Wayne


Love this dr! I have been experiencing kidney stones! He helped me so much!!. He explains it where you can understand it!!

   — Elsa Mcgee


I was treated by Dr DeCarlo recently. Had a kidney stone and complications. I spent 3 weeks in the hospital. Dr DeCarlo worked with ID doc constantly trying to figure out what action to take. He was so kind and patient but very straight forward with his diagnosis and answers. I would recommend him and his staff to anyone. He will never know how thankful my family and I are!

   — Kim Collins


Six stars.

   — Joseph Preston


Doctor is knowledgeable and friendly.

   — Brian Rapp


I was referred for diagnostic testing on Friday and was in Dr. DeCarlo's office on Tuesday receiving excellent care and attention. Dr. DeCarlo and his staff were professional, warm, respectful and humorous! I recommend them highly.

   — REB

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