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Reviews for Charles Keith, MD


Dr Keith is a compassionate, caring professional who truly wants to help each of his patients. He is a cheerleader for his patients to take charge of their health. Amazing doctor!!!!!!

   — Rebecca Osborne


I have been seeing Dr Keith over 2 years . I was over 500 pounds I can now proudly say I’m 278 pounds and the pounds are still dropping. Dr Keith and his staff are friendly from the secretaries to the nurses and nutritionist. It was always a visit I looked forward to. I was so afraid of having the surgery but each time I seen Dr Keith he was assuring and comforting which made my experience a great one and for his bed manners to match his surgery performance from beginning till end I just cannot express how loosing weight saved and changed my life! I could easily express my feelings and concerns with Dr Keith I just felt like I could be normal and joking and laughing I bet he enjoyed knowing I was coming that the visit wouldn’t be boring !! Dr. Keith also allowed me and my friend to do our visits together so we kinda went through the entire process as a team she had her surgery not too long after me and is looking amazing as well but it was a fun process from beginning to end and by letting us do it together made it easy and a joyful occasion. Also my daughter was allowed to be with me before and after my surgery she was pleased with how friendly and pleasant he was she said she felt like I was in good hands from their first encounter. I recommend a lot of people to see him for bariatric surgery this year my sister is trying to get the sleeve first thing I said is you should see Dr Keith. I cannot express enough how grateful I am to him and his staff. I had my surgery with no complications had an overnight stay at the hospital and was home the next day. I had a Dr before I met Dr Keith I was seeing in Houston, Texas which he had told me with me being 546 pounds I would have to have bi pass and sleeve combined I wasn’t comfortable with the thought of having both so when I was introduced to Dr Keith he told me just the sleeve would work for me and it has and everyday I wake up I have a new look on my life my self esteem is up, I can move around so much better and most off my health is improving I am no longer diabetic. Weightloss surgery is a big step but a great one and I couldn’t have found a better medical team to share my experience!! THANK YOU Dr. Keith you and your staff truly saved and changed my life I’m forever grateful can’t wait to see you for my annual visit I know you will be so proud of me and my friend because of course we’re coming together and the visit will be a fun one and her and I both have a reason to smile and laugh everyday because of the excellent weightloss service you provided!!

   — Kizzie Mass


I had great experience with Dr Keith. He listened to me and answered all my questions in a way I could easily understand. I definitely recommend Dr Keith

   — Donny Jackson


Dr Keith is awesome! He actually spends time with you making sure to cover everything and answering all of your questions. He did this even the morning following surgery staying for almost 30 minutes in the hospital room answering every question I had. Charlotte his nurse is the sweetest, she answers any question you have and if she's not sure she'll find out and call you back. Everyone in the whole office that I've ever encountered treated me with dignity and respect.

   — Kathryn Ann Martin


Dr. Keith and his staff are amazing people that truly cares about your health in every aspect. Great attitude and service

   — Angelica Chitman


The staff and Dr. Keith were all very caring and provided so much information that I need to know.

   — Kim Hennigan


Amazing doctor!

   — Olivia Acosta


I had an excellent visit with Dr. Keith the day of my visit. He spoke with me, and explained the necessary things of importance to me. I was very well pleased with his concern for my well being, and looking forward to working with him through the planned procedures.

   — James Thompson


Dr. Keith was amazing and supportive during my gastric bypass surgery!

   — Kathy Mosqueda


Dr. Charles Keith performed surgery on me in Oct.2021. He was very caring and explained everything. Thank you Dr. Keith.

   — Sandra Walker


Mr. Keith and staff was very Courteous and understanding. Awesome experience he is a very understanding passionate MD.

   — Kalia Byrd


Can't say enough about Dr. Keith and his staff. A bunch of great folks that are not only professional but friendly as well. I have never felt rushed and always encouraged to ask any question that I may have. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Keith to anyone.

   — Amanda Thames


The front desk ladies were very nice and helpful. Charlotte was so sweet talking to my daughter and myself. And Dr Keith was fantastic. I can tell he really cares about his patients. He explained step by step of the surgeries that he performs and asked me how I felt about it.

   — Marla Scott


Dr Keith and his staff are very friendly and professional. Looking forward to surgery with this team!

   — Amy Coonfield


Dr Keith and his staff are wonderful.... I had my surgery one year ago December 14th it was the best surgery I have ever had before, the best hospital visit. I have had many hospital stays due to surgeries and chemo from stage 3 ovarian, colon,and small bowel cancer in the 1999... Dr Keith is remarkable.... He has changed my life ... God bless him , and his amazing staff.....

   — Trenia Arnold


Dr. Keith and his staff is amazing. He has Excellent bed side manners and wonderful communication skills he listens to his patients needs and concerns. The staff is very helpful and dedicated when it comes to the insurance process they go over and beyond to help in all way possible. They made me feel comfortable and welcomed at every appointment. Dr. Keith is amazing he gave a gift to better my health for me and my family. I highly recommend him for your or your loved ones bariatric needs. Thank you Dr. Keith & Staff.

   — Lacey Ogle


Dr. Keith and Tyler Bariatrics, what can I say, nothing but good things!!! From the very beginning they have led me, supported me in this whole endeavor. All the employees are nice, courteous and helpful. Their ability in the area of weight loss is wonderful. Dr. Keith is very informative and truly listens to you. This has been one of the best decisions that I've ever made. Tyler Bariatrics, I highly recommend them!!!

   — Merribeth Norman


Dr. Keith and everyone on his staff are absolutely wonderful. Very kind and helpful. My process has been so smooth and I’m thankful I went through Dr. Keith for surgery.

   — Samantha Susewind


Dr. Keith and his staff are amazing! My 17 yr old son had hernia repair surgery and Dr. Keith was wonderful. He answered all of our questions and made us feel so at ease with the whole process. Since surgery my son feels better than he has in a very long time.

   — Amanda Bates


My husband was considering weightloss surgery and Dr Keith came highly recommended by a family friend. We went for his first appointment and he was absolutely wonderful in explaining the process to both of us, even drawing a diagram of both procedures so we could have a visual of the surgeries. My husband decided on the gastric bypass and had the surgery in July. Dr Keith also ended up doing a hernia repair on him as well. This surgery is literally saving my husband's life. He has already lost over 40 lbs and is now off his sleep apnea machine. Dr Keith has the best bedside manner and we couldn't be any happier with our choice in him as a doctor. Thank you Dr Keith and staff. We will forever be grateful. UPDATE- 1 yr since his surgery and he has lost 160 lbs! He is doing fantastic!! Thank you to Dr. Keith and his staff!

   — Lori Cupples


Amazing professional! After my doctors disregarded my pain and I ended up in the ER, I was sent to Tyler where Dr. Keith took over and took the time to explain every detail of the process needed to get me back to 100% Thank you Dr. Keith and your amazing team!

   — Frankie Skeeters


I was a hospital patient and Dr.Keith had to perform my surgery, couldn’t ask for a better Doctor. Thanks Doctor Keith, for a great surgery

   — Jacqueline Carlisle


Dr. Keith and his staff were amazing. I traveled from Fort Worth, TX to visit family in Tyler and took sick. Excruciating pain knocked me to my knees. Had to go to ER Hospitality then later I was transferred to UT Health East Texas. Several test were ran and finally Dr. Keith advised me of my gallbladder in which surgery had to be performed. Not only did Dr. Keith explain the procedure but he also drew me a diagram because he's a visual person. Which I still have in my phone. His friendliness and compassion was shown throughout my whole stay. I send nothing but blessings and more blessings to Dr. Keith and his staff.

   — Aletha Wooten


Dr Keith and his team did an awesome job! He answered all my questions and concerns. Got my surgery February 1, 2021 and I feel better than ever have lost 75 pounds so far and overall my experience was great! The only regret I have is not contacting Dr Keith and getting the surgery sooner. Thank you Dr Keith and you’re team. Highly recommend to contact him if you have trouble with weight loss!

   — Joel Tavera


Great Dr and staff. The procedure I had has effectively changed my life for the better. I am very happy that I chose to have Dr. Keith as my surgeon.

   — Justin Linnstaedter


He is a fantastic doctor with a great bedside manner.

   — Marie Graham


Dr. Keith and his staff is awesome! They are friendly and helpful. They answered all my questions and very knowledgeable in the process and procedure I was having. (Gastric Bypass) They eased my nerves and made me very comfortable going into my surgery. All went well, and I’m so thankful that they have been there for me whenever I needed them. This is a life changing event and I’m glad that I had the best team in my corner!!! Thanks a whole lot!!!

   — Mary Mack


Dr. Keith performed an emergency cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) on me three weeks ago. He was very reassuring that all would go well. It did! He explained thoroughly what was going on in my belly and what I would experience during and after the surgery. You can be confident that you are in the best hands with Dr. Keith.

   — Marsha Watts


Great experience with weight lost journey. Very knowledgeable staff and doctor who cares about your health issues. They even have a support group that helps with learning how to live with new eating habits and how to eat healthy. Wish I would have did it sooner. Already off 4 pre diabetic prescription. If you are thinking about it please go get a consultation from Dr. Keith It’s worth it!

   — Chris Jones


Thank you Dr. Keith for being such good and caring person. The staff was just awesome thanks alot everyone.

   — Dorothy Pilar


Dr Keith was a delight to work with during my surgery. I never felt rushed. He always sat and visited while making sure everything was ok and I was doing well. A great listener.

   — Bernice Stubblefield


Dr. Keith is a wonderful, caring man and surgeon. He was concerned and helpful every step of the way preparing me for surgery, which included contacting some of my other doctors. His office staff is fabulous and I felt like I’ve always known them. My experience was superior!

   — Shelli Carter


I had a very positive experience with my weight loss surgery. I had no complications and I'm having very good weight loss success. Dr. Keith is awesome and I highly recommend him. Everyone at the office is very nice and helpful. I couldn't ask for a better experience.

   — Jamie Miller


One of the best doctors i have experienced

   — Sam Moatassem


Dr. Keith is amazing kind explains things very knowledgeable of your condition and your concerns. I had a hiatal hernia that was huge I was told 75% of my stomach was inside my abdomen wall. Dr. Keith fix this for me and I feel like a new person thank you Dr. Keith

   — Christy Dieterich


Dr. Charles Keith is like a close friend. He explains everything you want to know. He encourages you to keep going and is always positive and up lifting. He has great bedside manners and he or Dr. Babineau checks in on you every day. Great encouragement. If I had to do my surgery all over again, I would in a heartbeat.

   — Karma Ruhle


Dr. Keith performed my daughters surgery. He was very thorough and explained everything on a level she could understand . He was very compassionate and provided her comfort during a difficult time. I would highly recommend Dr. Keith.

   — Adrienna Dinger


I have had a great experience with Dr Keith at Tyler Bariatrics. I could not be happier. All questions and concerns are addressed and explained at a level you can understand. Highly recommend him.

   — Mandy Burke


I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Keith. He truly listens and remembers details from prior conversations which is rare for a doctor these days. I had a potential medical concern. He called prior to surgery to talk through the details, just to have plans in place, which put me at ease. Can't thank him enough!

   — Barbara Watkins


One the best MD In Tyler Tx, Great Staff and all. AMAZING PEOPLE!

   — Tina Self

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