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Reviews for Adam Shar, MD


Awesome working with this doc. He explained in detail about treatment. Highly recommended.

   — SharavanaKumar Gajapathi


I was very please with the care and surgical procedure that this great doctor preformed on my hand. I will recommend him to all my friends and family, thanks doc for a job well done.

   — MC Garrett


I was referred to Dr Shar from my PCP in Athens-for a wrist/thumb injury.. The moment he assessed my injury he got straight to business… being in constant pain is miserable- we went over my options , he explained things to me in a way that made Sense. Came to a plan of care together. He’s easy to talk to very caring and obviously very skilled and knowledgeable on his specialty. His office is fabulous with answering all my questions. I never felt rushed or ‘hurried’ in my appointment. Anyone with a wrist or hand injury needs to see Dr Shar.

   — Elyse


Dr. Shar , his nurse and medical assistant were all great!!

   — Jan Clark


Dr.Adam Shar is an awesome doctor 😎. Anyone that is having hand issues. Go to him he is wonderful.Thanks Dr.Shar

   — Stacy Matthews


The first visit went well. I will have to see what the later results are to make any other reports now.

   — Roger D Ivy


Explains things well, works in tandem with patients.

   — Melanie


Dr. Shar is a caring, professional, and to the point. He is very knowledgeable and explains things where the average person can understand. I would definitely recommend him to others and I would return to him if needed.

   — Ernestine


did my carpal tunnel went back 2 years later for wrist surgury.

   — Jerry A Heinlen


Dr. Adam Shar is an excellent specialist who deals with fingers, hands and arms. As a physician, he is very detail oriented in any questions I asked. He shows x-rays and explains what it shows. He's very concerned as he examines you. He's an excellent surgeon and I've healed and recovered completely!!!

   — Apostle Rosarlyne Wofford House


Doctor and staff were phenomenal. Dr. Shar explained my situation in detail and went over my x-rays with me. I never felt rushed or frustrated as I have in some other doctor’s offices. I ended up having two injections (finger and thumb) and so far so good. If I do end up having to have surgery, I would definitely feel totally comfortable with Dr. Shar.

   — A. Abbott


Dr. Shar has always been very thorough in his examinations and I believe his recommendations have been what is best for me both from financial and physical needs standpoints.

   — Michael Rice


Yes I recommend Dr Share Did and excellent job on my wrist

   — Nancy


Dr. Adam Shar is the most encouraging, talented, and gifted man. He helped save my other half's arm. What we once thought couldn't be possible, came to be, through many prayers and this doctor's dedicated work. Words can't express how greatful we are to him.

   — Cindie Nolan


I can’t be any happier to have had the opportunity to have Dr. Shar as my hand orthopedic doctor. He explained his plan of treatment in details, gave me my options, and in no time was able to schedule my surgery very quickly. I didn’t feel rushed during my Consult and kudos to the staff too, who weee all on top of their games!!

   — Carmen Van Hoof


I had an appointment with Dr. Shar on 8DEC21 @ 2:15 P.M.. I arrived @ approximately 1:35 P.M.. Every single UT Health personnel I encountered were courteous, attentive, pleasant, professional, efficient, and expedient. A top-notch professional medical team! I left @ 2:15 P.M. (the time of my scheduled appointment). Amazing!

   — James Perry


Excellent doctor! He explained everything so well!

   — Susie


Dr Shar was willing to see me when Azalea Ortho wouldn’t because a Christus ER visit left me needing help after my finger being degloved. Dr Shar was so fantastic that I was grateful that Azalea Ortho wouldn’t see me. He was SO great. He listened, he helped, and he took into account my situation and needs. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a hand surgeon.

   — BC



   — George Devers


Dr Shar is great!! He performed carpal tunnel release on both hands!! Life changing operation!!

   — Jennifer Harris


Dr. Shar is very attentive to my concerns and explained the procedure at a level I could understand easily! I have been to several doctors over the past years who have told me that they are unable to do anything to help repair my nail bed and Dr. Shar took on the challenge! Thank you for your help and I am looking forward to the results moving forward :)

   — Philip White


Dr Shar is an amazing doctor & surgeon. I can’t say enough good things about him. He was always very attentive, prompt, caring & compassionate. A great surgeon can’t recommend him highly enough. He made the difference between losing or saving a hand. Miracle worker!

   — Andy Hussey


AWESOME enough said

   — Emily Arey


Our family cannot say enough good things about Dr. Shar. This is the 2nd time he has treated my daughter. She broke her thumb two years ago, and it healed perfectly thanks to Dr. Shar. My daughter just broke her hand, and we saw Dr. Shar again. It was a very slight break and hard to detect. My daughter loves him.

   — Lisa Moran


Dr. Shar is awesome!! He gave me options instead of telling me my only choice!

   — Jessica Tate


I took my mother to Dr. Shar for an injury to her hand which had happened several weeks prior to our visit. We were referred to him by her primary care physician. When we arrived (early) it was frustrating to fill out a stack of papers (the contents of which we have shared with UT Health offices over and over again) amidst a full waiting room. To our surprise, the nurse placed us in an exam room exactly at our appointment time, and Dr. Shar came in nearly immediately. From the first moment, it was obvious that he had studied Mom's x-rays and previous visits, and even already knew her near-complete health history and current medications! He put her at ease, and spent more than enough time LISTENING to Mom and answering questions. I have never been more impressed with a physician's visit in my life. His staff was super friendly, and although it may be a standard procedure, they validated our parking! So glad Dr. Shar chose Tyler!

   — Lance Douglas Gutierrez


Can't say enough about his attentiveness and patience. His listening skills and thorough answers and explanations placed us at ease immediately. It was obvious he prepared for the visit, and had studied Mom's medical records and x-rays ahead of time. We were seen ON TIME and Dr. Shar covered EVERTHING we were concerned about and spent more than enough time with us . His staff were excellent. I have never been more impressed with a visit to the doctor!

   — Lance Douglas Gutierrez


I was referred to Dr Shar by my primary care physician. I had an accident which resulted in a needle being broken off in my finger. Dr Shar worked me in immediately. In the 25 minute travel time the staff had me on the schedule and were expecting me. Dr Shar had seen my X-rays and presented 3 options to me, one of which was removal in his procedure room. I opted for that. I was treated quickly and compassionately. I WILL see him again, very good experience

   — Debra Dian Turner


Thank you dr. Shar my surgery went great! Ty so much, i have 99% of my hand movement, srry i couldnt make my follow app. With you just wanted to say everything went well #screws/plate in my wrist! Tysm great job!

   — Timothy Skirko

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