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Louise H. and Joseph Z. Ornelas Center for Healthy Aging

The Louise H. and Joseph Z. Ornelas Center for Healthy Aging is dedicated to providing the most up to date care for senior patients. Located on the third floor of the Riter Center at the North Campus Tyler, you will be cared for by a dedicated team that is specially trained in geriatrics.

Through the Geriatric Assessment Program we offer various geriatric healthcare services to patients ages 65 and older. Board-certified internist and gerontologist Emad Shoukry, MD, works with patients to identify and reduce the challenges that may be affecting their daily lives.

Services include:

• Evaluation of memory impairment.

• Diagnosis and management of depression through a screening questionnaire.

• Evaluation and management of recurrent falls.

• Evaluation and management of osteopenia/ osteoporosis.

• Evaluation and management of urinary incontinence.

• Review and reconciliation of medicines taken on a regular basis at home, including over-the-counter medicines.

• Evaluation of insomnia.

• Evaluation of delirium, notably following prolonged hospitalization.


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